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Using Gamification to Motivate Cooperation: A Review
Zitatschlüssel Riar.2020c
Autor Riar, Marc
Jahr 2020
Ort Hyderabad, India
Journal Forty-First International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Hyderabad, India
Monat 12
Zusammenfassung A current development in gamification research consists in exploring how gamification can motivate individuals to engage in cooperation. However, as the cooperative gamification literature is increasing in numbers, we lack a comprehensive and synthesized picture of the diverse design principles by which gamification can motivate cooperation and how effective it truly is in this matter. This paper represents a systematic literature review, which aims at identifying by what gamification features cooperation is commonly motivated and by analyzing the effects of gamification in cooperative contexts. Based on meticulous review of 40 papers, this study indicates that despite some encountered ambiguous results, gamification can be an effective approach to motivate social dynamics and cooperative activity. The main contribution of this study consists in formulating three approaches by which cooperation can be motivated via gamification, as well as their strengths and potential deficiencies.
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