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Partnering Models for Broadband Access

Project title: Partnering Models for Broadband Access


  1. Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Project Length: 2 years
Beginn: 2011

Project summary:
The goal of this project is the development of a framework for the telecommunication industry which allows to assess a variety of future value chains and business models with respect to their suitability for a cooperative or competitive strategy. The research takes into account the horizontal and vertical desintegration in telecommunication value chains and investigates the role of cooperation at  horizontal and vertical interfaces of the value layers. In a qualitative assessment phase a strategic analysis of cooperation and competition models is conducted with respect to fixed access. In a quantitative analysis phase techno-economic forecasting methods such as diffusion models, option pricing as well as agent-based computational economics (ACE) are applied to determine market and industry dynamics (e.g. market share, correlation analysis).

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