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Finished Projects in the field of Telecommunicationsmangement

Other Finished Projects

Quality of Service (QoS) Business Models

  • QoS is a means to guarantee the efficiency of future telecommunication networks but also as a driver for business model innovation. In this project, the impact of QoS on future telecommunications business models was discussed. QoS driven business models were analyzed with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
  • Carrier Prospects in the CDN Market
    The commercial structure of the Internet is changing. Content delivery networks are becoming potent players in the bandwidth market and are responsible for an ever growing fraction of total Internet traffic. In this project we analyzed the potential of content delivery as a value added service for ISPs to escape the “dumb pipe” scenario.
  • Prospects for QoS based Internet Services
    In the scope of this project, current limitations and potential risks of internet-based data transport were analyzed. Conclusions regarding the business potential of differentiated data transport for internet-based ICT services were drawn.
  • Enabling Services
    The technology-driven convergence of the industries of information technology, telecommunications and media has heavily influenced the development of value-creation structures and business models for the production of ICT services. Formerly vertically integrated telecommunication network operators act now as suppliers of other ICT service providers and are confronted with the challenge of selling their products at different market levels. Here, well-known modular service concepts from the service research area and the IT domain can be applied. On service delivery platforms, ICT service modules, so- called enabling services, are provided for development support. In this project, a conceptualization of enabling services was developed and a procedure for the specification of enabling services was defined.
  • Analysis of future perspectives of quality in the internet based on Quality-of-Service business models:
    The transport of data in the Internet, referred to as best-effort-transport, is inefficient from an economical perspective and impedes the emergence of new business models in the internet. A reasonable approach is the enhancement of the best-effort-model by “quality bundles”, consisting of premium content and appropriate QoS-based transport. For the realization of such business models, the billing for such service bundles is recommended to be carried out by the content providers. Further information regarding this project is available here.

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